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Cold and Colder

With my guided walks and talks finished for the year and the storms that have hit the Isle of Purbeck leaving us to be replaced by colder, clearer weather more time is available for me to go wandering on my own.
One of the wonders of our coastline is the constantly changing view, whether clouds or waves catch your eye, it is always wonderful to watch.

A Peregrine's Breakfast

This morning's walk was grey with a wind that whipped up the sea into a churning field of white horses. Skies were grey and what Sun there was struggled to make any difference to the gloom that covered our part of the world. Then, with no warning, a shape fell from the cliff top followed closely by a slate-grey streak, a brief cloud of feathers later and breakfast was served. A single Peregrine, with another flying above, tucked into a plump pigeon. The shots are a little grainy but this is always a good thing to see.

Water, Waders, Peace and Quiet


View from the castle

We have many great views on the Isle of Purbeck but this one, across the bays to the north is a favourite. The clouds change, the colours change but the view is always impressive and always takes my breath away.