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Bring on the cubs

It is that time of year again and although I am not getting out and about as often as I would like, it is time to find Fox cubs, sit back and watch.
I can't get enough of these incredible animals and the youngsters are very addictive, I find it easy to spend far too much time with them.

Hare Styles

As the Sun was setting a long low ridge of cloud that stretched from horizon to horizon, east to west moved slowly arcross the sky. It was time to move on.
I had already decided not to stay too long on the cliffs though because the brisk wind was making photography difficult and the chance of falling off, more real. On the way to the cliffs I had seen three Hares charging around a field with a further two not far away trying to keep out of the wind.
On the way back I decided to try to get close to one of the more relaxed looking Hares (although on reflection I am not sure what a relaxed Hare looks like) and, taking a long spiral path around the animal I got closer and closer. It is good fun doing this but I can't kid myself into thinking that I am some sort of master stalker, if the Hare wanted to run it would run! It was obvious that he knew exactly where I was.
I found a spot that I decided was close enough and settled down to watch. This is the part that I really enjoy, being c…

It's That Time of Year Again

At this time of year, with a bit of luck, our local mammal population expands a little and evening walks take a change for the better with the chance to see youngsters taking their first steps. Foxes, Sika and Roe Deer are the most numerous but Badgers are around too. It is hard to choose a favourite but the Roe Deer is certainly up there and I take any opportunity to stay with them for as long as I can. When the fawns are very young however, I keep my distance. The bond between mother & child is fragile and easily broken.